Twenty years of being in business has not been easy. We have had our share of ups and downs, struggles and achievements. Through it all, we have realised one fact - that only personal integrity helps tide over adversity. We have kept our business philosophy very simple - be fair and ethical in our association with our employees and our clients. We have earned the respect, goodwill and sustained relationship with all our stakeholders because our thought process, our beliefs and our actions are governed by our value systems.

Our Value Offerings to Clients


We are transparent in the way we go about our business and keep an open dialogue with all
stakeholders at all times.


We take immense pride in the work that we do. Our aim is to make good films for our clients and there is only one way we know to do it - "With Passion".


We value where we are today but we constantly and consciously work towards raising the standards of our own performance. Be it better services, better processes or better results, our aim is to improve and to constantly evolve to add value to all our stakeholders.


We work like a family. Our most important assets are - 'people', and our interactions with them. We firmly believe that every interaction that we have with our employees and clients should add value to both of us.

We believe continuous learning is the key to productivity. That a deadline is as sacrosanct as the actual job. In an economy that changes by the minute, one is judged by how well they meet their commitments.

We also appreciate not only our own business but also our clients' business and we reflect this fact by producing for them, well researched, informative films with a touch of class in every frame.

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